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The skin is an organ, just like your heart. Just as it is important to know what is in the food and drink you consume, it is equally important to understand what the ingredients in your skin products are about. Below are the properties of oils we use in our products. Almond Oil: This scentless… Read Article →

Minimum Order: We do not have any minimum orders. Sales Tax will be charged to all Nebraska orders unless a Resale Tax ID Number is furnished and we have a copy of your Certificate in our files. Shipping Charges: We charge a flat $5.95 shipping charge on all orders under $50.00. All orders over $50.00… Read Article →

Did you know that commercially manufactured soaps contain petroleum products, alcohols, synthetics and preservatives? Soaps and lotions widely advertised as being the most moisturizing can still be irritating and drying to your skin and even cause allergic reactions. Many bars of soap sold in stores are not even really soap – they are detergent bars…. Read Article →

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