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Molds and Cutters

What makes our molds better?

  • Made of select quality, knot-free pine.
  • Screwed together (not nailed) for durability.
  • Each mold comes with it's own slip-fit lid.
  • Can be used with any method of soapmaking, including in the oven at temperatures lower than 200°.

Why is our soap cutting system the best?

  • Wire cutter is made of hardwood Maple
  • Cutting base is made of select quality, knot-free pine
  • Cutting base has multiple layers of wood finish applied as a final step. This gives our cutter an attractive look and also assists you with an easy clean-up.
  • Screwed together (not nailed) for extra durability.
  • One knob adjustable stop allows you to cut straight bars of consistent thickness

Molds/Cutter Shipping
US Shipping will be $10.00 for the first item (mold or cutter) and $1.00 for each additional item. Shipping is calculated in the shopping cart and will be applied at time of order. Shipping costs are already in the replacement wires price so those ship for free.

International Shipping will be notified of actual costs once the order is packaged and ready for shipment.

PLEASE NOTE: Our molds and cutter are handled by a separate shopping cart. If you are ordering bases as well, you'll need to place that order separately.

1 lb mold

1 lb. Mold - $14.00

Inside Dimensions:3 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" high x 4 1/2" long
Perfect for test batches or customer's special requests!

out of stock

2 lb mold

2 lb. Mold - $17.00

Inside Dimensions: 3 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" high x 9" long

3 lb mold

3 lb. Mold - $20.00

Inside Dimensions: 3 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" high x 13 1/2" long

out of stock

soap cutter

Soap Cutter Set - $50.00

Be sure to view our soap cutting demonstration page and our customer testimonial page.

Replacement Wires - $2.00 shipped