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AB3 Manufacturer's Anecdotal Comments

I created the original Achebeater for my husband's (and my own) arthritis, sometime in late 2001 or early 2002, but after no apparent relief in that area after a several uses, I put it aside. Several months later - in May 2002 -- I was having really rough lower back pain one day and decided to roll some on just for the heck of it, since the bottle was sitting right there. Before I was done 'scribbling' on my back, it had quit hurting! Sounds like something you'd hear on an infomercial, doesn't it? But I swear it's the truth. I've given samples to various friends and family and have been getting nothing but good reports. The funny thing is that it seems to help other people's arthritis pains, yet still doesn't work on mine. Others have also used it, with amazing results, for tennis elbow, badly cracked/chapped/bleeding knuckles, itching, and a deep-in-the-throat dry tickle that signals a really nasty recurrent cough, as well as for muscular aches and pains. It's gotten to the point that I've been reaching for the AB for just about everything, because I never know whether it might help or not...and it usually does!

Not long ago, one of my dairy goats fell on my left hand, crushing it between her breastbone and my 2x4 milk stand. The pain was about what you'd get slamming your hand in a car door. As soon as I got in the house (about 10 minutes later...just time enough for my hand to be really hurting!) I rolled some of the Achebeater over the back of my hand (and even the touch of the roller ball hurt like crazy), never expecting it to help. Yet within less than 60 seconds the pain was gone. There was a little tingling in the hand and fingers, but the actual I'm-gonna-scream-in-a-minute pain just wasn't there anymore. The hand never swelled or bruised. All I had to show for my injury the next day was a very slight discoloration smack in the middle of the back of my hand...about what you'd expect to see with a week-old bruise, not a fresh injury.

The AB has also been used to stop a deep-in-the-throat dry tickle that makes you feel like you could cough your lungs up. While talking with a friend about the AB, she said "I wonder if it'll help this cough?" I told her I seriously doubted it, but she was insistent about trying it, so I handed her the bottle and she rolled some into the hollow of her throat. To make a long story short, the tickle was gone within 60 seconds, and she didn't cough again for about 6 hours. I've since tried this on myself with the same results. I've been taking cough syrup with codeine for years during my annual bout with bronchitis, with little relief...who knew it could be this simple?!

In July 2002 I completely reformulated the AB, and have named the new version simply AB-3, as it's actually the third incarnation of the product. In limited tests on my own various aches and pains, I have to say I think the AB-3 is a good bit stronger, with longer-lasting effects.

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