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Simple Soothings Supports Welsh Heritage Project (April 2001)

"Lezlee Williams (right) presents Lori McAlister with a check for the Wymore Welsh Heritage Project at St. David's Luncheon in Lincoln, Nebraska." Lezlee Williams, young mother and entrepreneur of Lincoln, Nebraska heard about the Wymore Welsh Heritage Project more than a year ago. ...(read the article)

Bathing Is Now a Pampering Experience!

Lincoln, NE - May 9, 2002 - Former Aurora resident and current Lincoln resident, Lezlee (Allen) Williams, offers handcrafted bath and body products in her home-based business, Simple Soothings. Simple Soothings was started in July of 2001 and has acquired quite a large following of customers all over the world. Even as a young girl, Lezlee always enjoyed using bath products but never liked the way commercial detergents left her skin feeling dry and irritated. In order to find a better alternative, Lezlee spent many months researching and testing her own formulations of soaps, lotions and other bath products. She found that by using the best quality oils and butters while also leaving out the unnecessary chemicals and additives, she was on to something very special.

Williams says, "Simple Soothings products are all 100% made from scratch in our home, using only the finest ingredients. Long ago, women made soap for the family from lye leached from the ash of the family hearth. They mixed lye water with cooking fats and had no way of knowing the amount of lye that they were using when making soap. The resulting product was often extremely harsh and burned the skin. The amount of lye going into Simple Soothings soap is measured with great precision. The finished soap has no lye residue in it. You cannot make real soap without lye. The commercial soap that many use is in fact not true soap but a synthetic detergent product most likely combined with petroleum products. Simple Soothings superior soaps, lotions and other products are not only an affordable luxury but also an important part in keeping your skin healthy. Bathing can now be a consistently pampering experience, not a painful one."

Lezlee Williams and her husband, Brian, are the owners of Simple Soothings. Their 3-year-old son, Braden, is just one of the many product testers. Williams states, "We feel Simple Soothings products are better for Braden's skin. We are sure your skin will benefit, as well."

Lezlee and Brian Williams are natives of the Aurora area. Lezlee is the daughter of the late Dr. Jack and Pamela Allen. Brian is the son of Marvin and Amanda Williams of Aurora.

Currently all of the Simple Soothings products can be purchased locally at The Yum Yum Shop located at 1014 12th Street, Aurora; and securely online at Simple Soothings product line make perfect gifts for anyone. Wholesale pricing is available as well as fundraising opportunities for non-profit groups.

For more information about Simple Soothings, please call 402-435-3985, or visit the web site at

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