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What is AB-3?

Physically, AB-3 is a viscous liquid, deep yellow-gold in color, best marketed at retail in a roller bottle for anytime, anywhere, hands-free application. It's a unique blend of essential oils and infused herbs long known for their ability to ease musculoskeletal pain, in a special base of carrier oils reputed to have their own healing, anti-inflammatory properties.

  • The scent is clean, fresh and non-medicinal
  • AB-3 does not need to be rubbed in: just roll it on and go about your business. (That's not to say that a little massage won't help, just that it's not generally necessary.)
  • AB-3 is generally non-staining on both clothing and linens; patch testing on expensive fabrics is recommended, however.

    No claims whatsoever are made for AB-3. While others have successfully used it and obtained relief for arthritis, headaches, cracked/chapped knuckles, stiff, sore, achy muscles, itching, and coughs - often instantly or within just a few minutes, and exhibiting lasting effects of up to 12 hours or more in some cases - there are no guarantees that it will do anything for anyone.

    Disclaimer: No claims or guarantees, either express or implied, are made for the AB-3, either by Simple Soothings or FrogWood Essentials. None of the statements herein, or on the website, have been evaluated by the FDA, nor has the safety of this product been tested except by family and friends.

    The product is for external use only. Should you develop a rash or other skin irritation, discontinue use immediately. Pregnant women, and those nursing an infant, are advised to seek competent medical counsel before using this or any product.

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