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Scent Descriptions

Butt Naked: No additives, no colorings, no fragrances. Just plain 'ol GREAT soap! Perfect for those with allergies.

Celestial Waters: Wonderful and Unique! A deep and mellow lush floral with a splash of water! Simply perfect!

Cinnamon Stick: It's back and here to stay! A dark brown and spicy and soothing soap perfect for everyone... anytime of the year! An all-time customer favorite!

Fall Harvest: A bit of cinnamon but also light and fruity with a touch of apples and peaches. A wonderful scent year-round!

Heaven: This fragrance is clean, fresh with hints of floral, herbal and water all wrapped up in one. A great unisex scent. Simply Heaven! A Simple Soothings original blend.

Herbal Essence: This fragrance is a duplication of Clairol's Herbal Essence's shampoo and conditioner scent from the 1970's. Fruity/Floral/Woody! Perfect for both women and men, alike! A favorite of many! A Simple Soothings original blend!

Lavender Lullaby: A heavenly blend of Lavender Apples and Oak. Simply a stunning fragrance! Perfect for everyone! This is one of Lezlee's favorite scents...sure to be a favorite of yours too! Pair it up with a matching lotion or spritzer for the ultimate treat!

Jasmine: The mystery and allure of Jasmine has been a part of our lives since the dawn of perfumery. This scent is purely Jasmine - sensual, delicate and full-bodied without being cloying and overly sweet, as some Jasmine's are. It is the closest we've found to the real thing. A Simple Soothings original blend.

Lilac Breeze: Ours is a light, dead-on duplication of Grandma's old lilac bush. Our white/lilac colored bar looks just like the fluttering petals that blow through the breeze each summer. Now you can have the intoxicating scent at your whim all year long! Lezlee's favorite scent!

Milk & Honey: Reformulated! Blended with utmost care, this is the perfect melding of scents. Sweet and toasty! This one has real added Buttermilk and Honey for extra-added skin benefits! An all-time favorite of many... sure to become one of yours, too.

Nebraska Sunflower: A bright, sunny and bold floral blend. Very warm and enveloping .. just like the real Nebraska Sunflowers. A very popular scent.

Patchouli: Naturally colored and scented!

Prairie Sunset: The beautiful fall sunset, mystical and awe inspiring was the inspiration for this fragrance. Soft wood notes followed by mid soft musk and fruit notes, ending with a delicate herbal note. A swirl of many autumn colors. Sure to be a favorite year-round!

Real Grapefruit: Naturally colored and scented!

Red Clover Tea: A lovely tea scent with a light fruity floral combination of Violets, Lavender, Peaches and Raspberries. This is a huge hit with our local cutomers and we're thrilled to finally announce it to our customers world-wide! A Simple Soothings original blend.

Spearmint Lavender: Naturally colored and scented!

Welsh Daffodil: Light Daffodil scent.

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