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Wholesale Product Testimonials

Lezlee, I'm so spoiled by your hair conditioner, that I can't go back to store-bought! Sincerely. My husband and children were once angry at me when we ran out and had to get some over-the-counter brand, while waiting for yours to come in the mail. From now on, its better planning! As a fellow designer of bodycare products, I will say that I'm pleased with the ingredients and pleased to have an unscented product that I can either fragrance for myself, or leave it unscented, so it doesn't clash with an evening perfume.

As for the texture of the conditioner, I am happy to have found one that works for all of our family's hair-types. From short to long, thick to thin, dry to oily - we have all types in our home. It has become an excellent detangler for the longer hair and a nourishing leave-in, intensive program for the dryer hair. For my thinner hair, it isn't too heavy, nor is it too oily for my 'oily hair' days.

Thank you for your hard work!
Denise Hie
Keep In Touch Body Care
Edmonds, Washington

Lezlee, I absolutely *love* your Hair Conditioner!! I have to tell you, tho, I actually use it for shaving instead!! ;o) It is just AWESOME!! It really conditions the skin before shaving....makes the razor simply *glide* across my skin and I never have to use lotion after!! It is such an all-in-one product...saves me a step or two...THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

We have just had an opportunity to experience using the handmade Base Lotion by Lezlee Williams of Simple Soothings. As an added plus, we can scent the base lotion to match the soap scents we sell. What a delight to have my fifty-something "farm" hands feel so soft, silky and smooth. This lotions lends a lovely luster and sheen to my skin without the greasy feel left by other store-bought lotions I have tried. I am more than delighted to be able to use and sell this wonderful product!! Thank you, Lezlee, for your continued service to the community of folks that enjoy handmade personal products. Keep up the good work!!
S & S Davis; Southern Touch Farm, Inc. & Southern Touch Soap Works, Inc.; MS

Simple Soothings Lotion is by far the best I have tried. I have tried others, and nothing compares. Everyone who has tried it agrees. Thanks for such a wonderful product.
M. Rodgers, Savon Marie, New York

Thank You so very much for your product. I use it mixed with essential oils for my hand and body lotion. I have a small bussiness and I use your base for all my orders and have recieved raves about it. I personally use it and am pleased with it softness and sensuallity. I am an E.R. nurse in Florida and let me tell you after washing your hands a hundred times a day and using your lotion its a pleasure. Keep up the Great work.
R. D'Amelio, Florida

We were searching for a lotion base to use that has the wonderful ingredients that we prefer. So many of the lotion bases are thin, soak in fast, then leave fast, as well. Lezlee's lotion base is just right. Goes on so much smoother than others, and lasts much longer! Simply add the scent, package, and we are set. This is great! Our customers love it, and what a great addition to our product line! Thanks, Lezlee, for offering such an outstanding lotion base!
Carla & Sarah, (Missouri) aka...Country Scentiments

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